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How we can help

The Department for Business and Trade and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK both offer help to businesses that are looking to expand to the UK. Here's what we can do for you. 

Department for Business and Trade

The Department for Business and Trade (DBT) sits at the heart of UK Government. Every year, the DBT helps thousands of businesses expand to the UK. The support is provided free of charge and on a confidential basis.


The DBT can help you expand your business to the UK. It also offers support to Swedish owned subsidiaries in the UK that are looking to expand their UK operations, as well as to investors interested in allocating capital in UK property development, energy and infrastructure projects.

Support offered by the DBT includes: 

  • Market insights to help you make an informed business case for expanding to the UK or grow your current UK business

  • Industry insights and bespoke research on UK sectors

  • Opportunities within specific UK high-growth industries

  • Simple guidance on expanding to the UK, including tax and immigration 

  • Access to recruitment strategies; HR, staff training insights and estimated salary projections that could be essential to the success of your business

  • Access to UK companies that specialise in helping businesses expand to the UK, i.e. professionals in accounting, legal, publicity and more

The DBT has teams located in UK embassies, high commissions and consulates in cities around the world. In Sweden, you can find the DBT Team at the British Embassy in Stockholm. For information on UK government-backed practical help and advice on setting up a business or accessing investment opportunities in the UK, tell the team about your investment plans for the UK, why you are considering the UK and what you need to make it happen. They would be delighted to discuss with you further.

Get in touch with the DBT team


Steve Angus 

Director DBT Sweden


Charlott Blomstrom 
Investment Manager


Bjorn Axelsson 
Senior Investment Adviser, Tech


Jacqueline Anderson 
Senior Investment Adviser, Life Sciences, Medtech, Healthcare

Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the United Kingdom (SCC) - a not for profit member organisation - is the ultimate platform for entrepreneurs and businesses within the Swedish British business community. 

Founded in 1906 by business and for business, we have represented, inspired and promoted our members, extended commercial relations between our countries, and delivered first class services and events for over a century.

We serve a broad and diverse network of businesses from entrepreneurs and start-ups to large corporates, and passionately aspire to provide the most relevant and valuable services. We support businesses throughout their life cycle, whether they are expanding into the UK, developing their business or wanting to connect more widely within the community.

Services from the Swedish Chamber include:

  • Establish: Are you considering expansion overseas? We assist businesses setting up in the UK and Sweden by providing market intelligence, support and access to the collective knowledge of our members.

  • Grow: Are you in need of inspiration to accelerate your business to the next level? We facilitate growth by setting up business co-labs, establishing connections, and by providing mentorships and training programmes for growth and investor readiness.

  • Develop: In collaboration with our member companies and peers from our extended network, we offer training programmes for personal and professional development. Together with our forums, seminars and roundtables, they form an invaluable knowledge asset for you and your staff.

  • Connect: Do you need help expanding your network? We offer plenty of networking opportunities through our 80+ events per year, the member directory and through matchmaking and member introductions. As a member, you are also invited to host, sponsor or speak at our events.

Get in touch with the SCC team


Fredrik Warneryd 

Chief Executive


Anna Crona 
Head of Business Services


Hannah Carlsson 
Membership & External Relations Manager


Jonas Eklund
Head of Communications

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