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Einride - Shaping the green freight landscape in the UK

The global transport industry has long been dominated by traditional practices, to some extent even resisting the tide of technological advancements and sustainable solutions. Seeking to rewrite this narrative is Einride, the Swedish freight industry company on a mission to digitise, electrify and automate operations. As one of the largest road freight markets in Europe and with its vibrant ecosystem of sustainable technology, the UK emerges as an especially important market in Einride’s expansion beyond Sweden.

Founded in 2016, Einride stands apart from its competitors in the markets due to its comprehensive approach. By integrating four key elements into its freight mobility solution: the intelligent platform Einride Saga, electric and autonomous fleets, charging infrastructure and connectivity networks, Einride ensures end-to-end coverage of the freight ecosystem.

Having launched in the UK in April 2023, at a time when the UK Department for Transport looks to build a sustainable, cost-efficient, and resilient future of freight, Einride indeed seems to have been at the right place at the right time. “By offering our holistic ecosystem approach, we can meet the demands of UK customers who are actively seeking innovative ways to reduce their carbon footprint,” says Alastair MacIntyre, Vice President at Einride UK and Ireland.

Why the UK? The UK serves as a critical market for Einride as they’re both on the same mission. “Our focus on decarbonising road freight operations aligns perfectly with the UK's vision to create sustainable and efficient transportation networks,” Alastair explains. Being one of Europe’s largest road freight markets, the UK possesses advantageous geographical characteristics as well as a great share of renewable energy resources, supporting a shift towards electrification. With the latter being reflected in the UK government's ambitious targets for Net Zero emissions, Einride, as a leader in electric freight mobility, expands into the UK with the intention to provide significant contribution for the greener-good. “Embracing electrification, autonomy, and advanced logistics optimisation, will be key to driving meaningful change and helping the UK achieve its ambitious environmental objectives.”

Opportunities in shaping the green freight landscape “Another instrumental part of our successful expansion and launch has been UK customers’ appetite to challenge the norm and embrace decarbonisation for their road freight operations,” Alastair explains. With its overall positive approach to sustainability efforts, it’s safe to say that the UK presents a fertile ground for innovative solutions aimed at curbing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the freight industry. One key opportunity identified by Einride, lies in the multi-modal approach to transport of freight across the value chain – spanning from production sites to packaging facilities, warehousing, distribution centres, and ultimately, retail, and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) outlets. “By seizing the multi-modal transport opportunities across the value chain and forging strategic partnerships, there’s a great chance for Swedish businesses to collectively drive sustainable practices and contribute to a greener future for the UK's logistics landscape.”

Expansion insights Looking back on their expansion, Einride has recognised the value of extensive media and communication efforts, collaborations, and its potential to accelerate deployment of its solutions as well as strengthening the collective impact of green initiatives. “The UK is an important hub for business and innovation, with a vibrant ecosystem of organisations, government departments, and academic institutions focused on sustainable technology and transportation,” says Alastair. Their involvement with such organisations, for instance Business Sweden, The Swedish Chamber of Commerce and the Embassy of Sweden, has provided Einride with important insights, networking opportunities, and valuable market understanding at the time of their expansion.

Collaborative efforts Establishing relationships with entities such as the UK Department for Business and Trade (DBT), Department for Transport (DFT), as well as local governmental bodies have also been proven key, not least when it comes to navigating regulatory frameworks efficiently and creating an enabling environment for widespread adoption of Einride’s solutions. “If we had known what we know now, we would have placed greater emphasis on establishing early relationships with relevant UK national government authorities and ensuring their understanding of our operating model. This would have enhanced the efficiency and pace of our expansion, allowing our expansion to kick off more rapidly,” says Alastair. While some of the partnerships are still at early stages, Einride aims to continue strengthening the collaborations as they move forward. “By working together, we can unlock opportunities, streamline deployment processes, and contribute significantly to the reduction of GHG emissions, ultimately fostering a more sustainable and efficient road freight industry in the UK.”

Paving the path For Swedish businesses eyeing expansion into the UK, a strategic and collaborative attitude is fundamental, according to Alastair. In order to make an impact in the UK market, Einride accentuates the importance of focusing on sectors particularly ripe for decarbonisation, like the freight industry. Also, the team encourages businesses to actively participate in events and forums, as they can serve as platforms to showcase expertise, spark interest, and forge new connections.

In essence, Einride has embodied the committed collaborative mentality, key for Swedish businesses looking to steer UK industries towards sustainability. “Do not underestimate the power of engaging with and supporting existing Swedish companies already in the UK, as well as those aiming to reduce their carbon footprint. We’ve learned that collaborating with like-minded partners can create valuable synergies.”


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